a little gratitude, from me to you.


Thank you all for coming! Thank you for enjoying yourselves and being amazing masters water polo players, coaches, and all around good human beings.  

Thank you to Scottsdale water polo and Gene Dafoe for letting us use the Scottsdale club to host the tournament through USAWP. The Referees, well, they did a great job of being consistent and keeping the game fun and competitive!

Thank you to the mens club water polo @ ASU for running the tables, and Team AZ for filling in when they couldn't. 

Greg Werner, did a great job of setting up our pool and getting it to look as epic as possible! Drilling holes in the dive tank so there were lane lines. Cooling the pool! As some of you know the dive tank has historically been really hot. Well, thank Greg for getting that pool up and running to the best it could be. 

Thank you to ALL of the volunteers! Ya’ll, we couldn’t have done it without you. 

See you all next year, stay up to date on all of our masters water polo at thedesertduel.com.

The Desert Duel 2023 TBD

Phillip James
-Tournament Director/The Desert Duel