The Game

  • 6 min Quarters
  • 30 sec shot clock 
  • 2 time outs per game.   1 '60 sec and 1 '30 sec.
  • 23.3 Meters both main pools @ Mona Plummer
  • 25 yard Dive tank @ Mona Plummer
  • 25yrd Pool @ The SDFC 



  • All rostered players must have USAWP Bronze membership.
  • Rosters will be checked to ensure presence of players at their first game.
  • Please respect the referees, and volunteers who are organizing and building a place to play and facilitate masters water polo. 
  • This tournament should be competitive and fun. 


  • Round robin winners will be concluded by wins / points / dif.
  • 2 games per each team per Open Round
  • Winners Advance to Elimination Round.
  • Losers move to the Desert Round Robin
  • No shoot outs and no over time. 


The elimination round will consist of the top 4 players from the OPEN ROUND.

  • SEMI FINAL1 vs 4 - 2 vs 3 Winners will move on.
  • Shoot out if necessary
  • shoot out if necessary
  • 1 '60 - 1 '30 sec timeout per game.
  • Shoot out to determine winner, if tied at the end of regulation.


  • Each team will play 4 games.
  • Winners at the end of the 4 games will be determined by WINS, Goals Dif, and Goals Scored.
  • Shoot out will determine winner, if tied at the end of regulation.
  • 1 '60 - 1 '30 sec  timeout per game.

Advancement: In Bracket/Round Robin play, teams advance to the next round or placing is determined according to game points earned from game results within the bracket:

  • 4 win in regulation or by forfeit
  • 3 win by goal differential
  • 2 goals scored
  • 1 loss in regulation
  • 0 forfeit

Tie-Breakers: In the case of teams tied in game points, teams advance according to the FINA tie breaker rules, stated in the FINA By Laws:

  • Two Way Ties - BL If two (2) teams shall have equal points, further classification shall be established as follows: BL The team winning the game between them shall be placed higher
  • Three Way Ties - BL If three (3) or more teams shall have equal points, further classification shall be established as follows:
    • BL The results among the tied teams shall determine which team is placed highest.
    • BL If, at any time during the application of the procedure set out in this BL, the number of tied teams is reduced to two (2), then BL shall be used to determine which of the two (2) remaining teams is placed higher.
    • BL The comparison shall be made first, upon the points of the games among the tied teams, second, the goal difference, and third, based upon goals scored.

Brutality/Violence: A participant penalized for a violation of Rule 21.11 of the USAWP Playing Rules (brutality/violence) shall not participate in the team's next game in that division and may be subject to additional punishment by USA Water Polo.

Red Cards: A participant who receives a red card shall not participate in the team's next game in that division and shall receive one point on their membership record per the USAWP Athlete and Coaches Code of Conduct.

Protests: To protest a misapplication of the rules in a game a head coach or team official named on the game roster must:

  • Do so within 30 minutes of its ending time (recorded by referee on the score sheet)
  • Immediately pay a $100 cash Protest Fee to the Tournament Director
  • Describe the incident of the protest in writing and state rule number that has been misapplied.
  • The Tournament Director shall immediately notify these parties of a completed filing
  • The non-protesting team’s head coach
  • The Tournament Committee who shall timely hear all protests, and whose decision shall be final.
  • NOTE:  If an adverse condition is known prior to the start of a game, all provisions apply, EXCEPT filing must be complete BEFORE the signal to start the game is given by the game referee. Teams will proceed with the game at the scheduled time.